Advantages of LVT floor

Compared with ceramic tile, LVT is light, elastic, warm, comfortable, cheap and easy to install. Compared with the hardwood floor, the visual effect is the same, but LVT performance is much better, easy to maintain, not easy to be injured and scratched, and the price is low, especially compared with the imported high price wood.

Compared with VCT, the upfront cost of VCT is much lower, but the demand for maintenance is much higher, and the design is also much worse. Therefore, in the commercial field, the difficulty of VCT is mainly caused by the rise of LVT. In the field of home use, the market share of LVT growth mainly comes from floor leather, because the simulation effect of LVT is incomparable with that of floor leather.

Compared with the laminate floor, there are many similarities between the two. They are deliberately imitating natural materials, mainly wood, with similar dimensions and specifications, which can be installed without glue. Aggrandizement wood floor price is lower, more bear scratch. But the core layer of the laminate floor is fiberboard, which is sensitive to the change of humidity. Moreover, if the sound insulation is not done, the sound will be crisp when walking up, LVT will not have these problems. So LVT has been accepted by the commercial market, and the laminate floor has not yet been established there.

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