Advantages of PVC flooring in medical industry

With the development of society and the continuous development and deepening of medical reform in the environment of market economy, the competition in the medical market is becoming increasingly fierce. Hospitals are no longer a single place for treating diseases, but gradually become competitive enterprises for the survival of the fittest. Creating a clean, beautiful, warm and comfortable green medical environment for patients is not only an indispensable external condition for the development of modern hospitals, but also a concrete display of the image of the hospital.

Significant advantages of PVC flooring in medical industry

Safety protection: PVC plastic floor adopts UV treatment, so that dirt cannot go deep into the interior. Antibacterial properties provide permanent sterilization and antibacterial treatment to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms inside and outside the floor. PVC plastic floor adopts multi-layer composite structure, uses reasonable friction coefficient and skillfully disperses walking pressure to achieve shock absorption effect and ensure walking safety. The structural design of the wear-resistant layer on the top layer highlights the advantages of multi-layer structure. It contains a glass fiber stabilizing layer to ensure the constant and stable size and ensure that the floor is not deformed and damaged. At the same time, the elastic buffer of the foam layer structure can avoid the scratch caused by the patient's fall. Good practicability and ultra-high cost performance, especially suitable for large-area applications in halls and corridors.

Visual therapy: the floor is part of building a hospital environment. PVC plastic flooring has rich colors, and the design of patterns makes the color matching level clear. For example, in the children's ward, the ingenious color matching of PVC floor virtually eliminates children's resistance to the hospital and plays the role of "visual therapy". At the same time, it has coiled materials and elastic blocks that are easy to lay. Its relatively thin thickness and excellent sound and heat insulation performance can be directly used on the old-fashioned foundation surface layers such as stone, ceramics and wood. It is also a wise choice for hospital construction.

Convenient maintenance: PVC flooring products of different quality will reflect obvious differences in practical application. Taking wear resistance as an example, PVC plastic floor can reduce the frequency of daily maintenance such as waxing and cleaning, and reduce the maintenance cost in the cycle. The polyurethane topcoat attached to the surface has water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, and is covered with highly wear-resistant transparent PVC, which greatly simplifies the cumbersome maintenance steps in the service cycle. It is very suitable for the use requirements of large flow areas such as hospitals.

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